Down below the hill – lyric

  1. Down below the hill – Giandil [hobbit song]

    NEW RELEASE!Out now the english version of "Sotto la Collina", track 1 of the italian concept album "Andata e Ritorno" inspired by The Hobbit. Translation by Giulia Silvestri. Musicians: Giandil, Jacopo Soler, Maddalena Soler. Recorded by Guglielmo Cassinelli. Mixed by Michele Marino Gallina (Milan, 2014). English vocals recorded and mixed by Fausto Ciapica in december 2017.BUY CD or MP3…

    Publié par Andata e Ritorno. Lo Hobbit in musica sur mardi 26 décembre 2017



  1. Author: Giandil (Giacomo D’Alessandro). English version: Giulia Silvestri. English vocals recorded and mixed by Fausto Ciapica.


There, across the water

among meadows climbs a path

and gardens scent around the whole air

full of rounded tunnels

and old told stories

resound upon the hill and far over.


When the world is quiet

and the silent sun rises

little people gently awake

there is the way, yellow and green

deep laughter in the fields

as a melody or sweet poetry.


Round like the sun

As eyes in the ground

little people’s hidden houses

are there to be found

Silent and swift

their steps in the deep

far away from the adventures

the world can bring.


There, across the water

Downhill is called the road

where evening wayfarers go by

rambling to the Great Sea

through starry woods and fields

whispers in the wind you can hear.


Down below the Hill

there’s a hole in the green

where curlies hobbits always could live

when the world is quiet

the music becomes a laugh

appears and old man with a staff.


Round like the sun…

Silent and swift…

Giandil e Fausto Ciapica in studio di registrazione (dicembre 2017, Genova).